The (ABS) Anti-Lock Braking System is a computer module on your ABS Pump that enables improved control of your vehicle in case of an abrupt stop. The ABS operation is available from approx. 5 Kph to the maximum vehicle speed.

An ABS warning light on your dash means a problem has been detected, and the system needs to be scanned for codes in order find out what area the fault is. With the light on, ABS operation may not be present, but normal braking may be. As with your ECU and Airbag modules. When your ABS module becomes faulty in your vehicle and you take it to a main dealer, the best they can do is to replace it, this also can cost you vasts amount of money in most cases as they can be very expensive to replace.

At Mick’s Auto Port we specialise in Anti-Lock braking systems repairs and programming. Your vehicles ABS system or traction control system is designed to give you additional safety under hard braking and in wet or damp conditions. The vehicle is fitted with an ABS pump and an ABS module. In the event your vehicle’s wheels lock up under severe braking the ABS Control Unit will identify this through a wheel speed sensor and reduce or release the braking effort temporarily. This allows the tyre to regain traction with the road surface and apply braking effort.

In the event your vehicle requires an ABS Module repair, Mick’s Auto Port can repair your unit saving money and vehicle down time. We can repair a wide range of ABS Units and carry parts for most makes and models